Learn the why we created Wavelines and more importantly, why we’re important for micro and small businesses.

The birth of wavelines

Heya 👋

We are a design and marketing agency based in Swansea, Wales.

Initially, we started Wavelines to give small businesses, as well as micro-businesses, access to sustainable marketing. This means small businesses get the marketing and design support they need without the hefty or unexpected costs that marketing agencies charge.

But, why? Micro and small businesses are often running at low margins or have less capital compared to their larger counterparts, yet small businesses are the ones that need more marketing and design support. It doesn’t make sense to charge extortionate fees to micro or small businesses.

That’s where we come in. We carefully built our marketing and design support formula to be sustainable and fair for small businesses. That means less cost for one-time projects like our logo design and even less cost for ongoing support like our marketing and design manager service.

There are many small businesses stretched for time or lack the resources to apply marketing and design to their business. We aim to make it much easier, simpler and more accessible for small businesses.

If you are a small business owner and need support or are not sure what support you need, we can help you understand get started.

Our Core Values

We think, work and harmonise with our values in mind. Learn more about our FOF values…

Fair prices

We believe small businesses should never overspend on marketing or design just because they lack the resources or know-how. As a small business specialist, our prices are fair and sustainable for small businesses.


We listen to the business needs of our clients and take on board their goals and priorities to offer a relevant, yet fair, service. We pride ourselves on offering small businesses exactly what they need; not something irrelevant.


We understand that small businesses adapt and change over time. We know that every business is different from how they operate to what they need, so our services are flexible to meet the needs of each small business.

Our Mission

To specialise in moving small businesses forward with sustainable marketing and design solutions.

Why we exist

  • Fair, low prices
  • Long-term marketing alternatives
  • Stronger small businesses
  • Upfront costs

Upfront prices

Our marketing and design support helps everyone! From the ‘little guys’ to more established small businesses. So no matter who you are or what type of business you have – we’ve created affordable solutions to keep your small business moving forward. Our service prices are upfront, which means we’ll never hide or mislead our clients. We never want our clients to swim in the deep end, that’s why we’re transparent and supportive to our small business clients.