looking for cheap logos for your business think again!

looking for cheap logos for your business? think again!

Thinking about grabbing yourself cheap logos? You may have considered saving your business cash to go for a quick Fiiver logo for your new business. Ever heard the saying, “If something is too good to be true, it probably is…” You aren’t guaranteed to receive a professional logo with ‘cheaper’ alternatives and if you’re really unlucky, copyright could be knocking on your door. Hopefully, we’ve caught you just in time before treading on potentially dark waters!

Here are our top three reasons why you should avoid cheap logo designs for your new business…

1# Lack of originality in cheap logos

First things, first. Using a cheap logo designer for your professional logo is usually risky business. Think of the terms, “you get what pay for ” or “buy cheap, buy twice”. As you know, in business you don’t want to cut too many corners. You want value AND quality! Creating a new logo design from scratch means considering how to perfectly capture and communicate the brand’s character. Unfortunately, logo designers that offer devilish low-cost logos will most likely be a copy and paste job. You may have hired a logo designer to create a logo for your new business, but you’ve actually ended up with someone else’s logo with your business name added to it. You’re a new business – you want originality embedded into your logo to remain competitive. Plus, if your logo designer has incorporated elements, which are copyrighted, into your logo… And let’s say your logo designer lives somewhere in the Philippines – you’ll have to deal with a copyright lawsuit, not the £25 per project logo designer. Nightmare, right? Conversely, hiring someone with graphic design skills, maybe your nephew or sister’s neighbour, could definitely result in a fresh, original and overall attractive ‘logo’, but most graphic designers do not have the commercial knowledge to create professional logos for your industry. experience and no commercial experience.

If you need a logo for your new business – invest in a professional logo designer with commercial experience. Nine times out of ten, you’ll want to avoid hiring someone that’s out of the country. Instead, hire a UK-based professional logo designer for peace of mind and clarity.

2# Great Design, No commercialism

A logo is more than a picture. It symbolises your industry, values, brand personality and much, much more. A well-designed professional logo establishes trust by demonstrating your professionalism and encourages people to stay. Your logo is often the first element your clients or customers see, which means a bad logo may potentially turn people away. A good, professional logo informs potential clients or customers about who you are, what you do and how you can help them. It shows people who have no prior knowledge or experience with your brand that you do excellent work. You can expect your commercially designed logo to win every battle in business as it’s been designed specifically for your business in mind. A professional logo designer with commercial experience will be conscious of the logo’s purpose, environment and placement. For example, professional logo designers will consider why your brand exists, what type of products or services are on offer, the type of target market, typical motivations of consumer groups and where the logo will be placed and advertised. Hiring someone to design cheap logos for your business may consider an element of your business, however, logo designers with commercial knowledge understand how important it is to ask these questions or even research themselves.

To recap, a logo that’s commercialised and well designed has multiple powers from just one glimpse. Good, professional logos can build your identity, foster trust, show professionalism, develop engagement, attract target markets, generate leads and even kill your competition.

3# bad product packaging with cheap logos

Have you ever ordered something from Amazon and the packaging of the product includes a logo that looks blurry compared to the rest of the text? Or perhaps you saw a business on Facebook and the logo looks like it was stretched? More often than not, cheap logos are cheap for a reason. You’ll be given one logo and you might not even receive the .Ai file! You’ll always want a transparent background if you’re only receiving one version of your logo. Unfortunately, one version of your business logo just isn’t enough for your marketing needs. For instance, you’ll be creating multiple online platforms that require display photos, cover photos and posts. You won’t always find the same coloured background to superimpose your logo onto and you might not have the design skills to change the background of your logo. Moreover, if your logo designer has designed your logo with a small canvas and you don’t have the .Ai file, your logo will be distorted and blurry for print. Cheap logos can be a nightmare for tradespeople that need a vehicle wrap or brands that want large printed signs at a trade exhibition. If you want your clients or customers to believe in your brand’s identity and its quality, your business needs to let go of cheap logos and designs.

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