Marketing & Design Manager (MDM)

We bridge the gap for small businesses that find it challenging to market themselves and implement market straegy. Our MDM service allows small business owners to focus on their business operations and opportunities, working alongside an experienced Marketing and Design Manager.

Short answer; cost

The short answer is cost. Realistically, most small businesses can’t afford to hire a full-time marketing and design manager. The average salary for a level-entry marketing assistant can cost a small business anywhere between £18,000 – £25,000 annually and much higher for an experienced marketing manager. That means even hiring a part-time marketing and design assistant may not be feasible for your small business. Simply put, many fast-growing small businesses like yours can’t meet the financial commitment of hiring someone the conventional way. That’s where we come in.

alternative solution

Our MDM service allows small businesses to achieve their marketing and design goals without the lengthy financial commitment of hiring someone part-time or full-time. After you share your marketing and design challenges with us, we offer a wide range of services that are based on your business’ unique needs, which can help identify opportunities and effectively apply marketing strategies to your small business. MDM has an immediate impact on small businesses as we develop an existing marketing strategy or build a new strategic direction, implement marketing plans and manage the entire process.

what’s the benefits?

There are various ways MDM can benefit your small business. Here’s just one example: Small business owners usually wear ‘many hats’ and one of those hats is marketing, which means marketing can be overlooked, rushed, delayed or pushed back. Most small business owners like you are like an MDM already, but unable to dedicate the time to implement marketing strategy as you’re operating the business to keep it running. Typically, you took the leap to start your own business for financial security and better freedom, right? However, the more hats a business owner wears… the less freedom they have. So, whether your intention is to add an MDM to your small business for the short or long-term, it will give you a better work-life balance.

what does mDM cover?

In a nutshell, our MDM services vary on your business needs and the length of package you choose. We work with marketing strategies, budgets and historic data to implement marketing plans that move your small business forward.

MDM typically covers:

marketing audits

Marketing strategy

budgets & calendars


Website design

website management



email campaigns


online advertising

Social media set-up

flexible mDM packages

Our flexible MDM support packages are contractless, which means small businesses can start, pause, end or re-start with more freedom. It’s also great for small businesses that want to trial MDM out on their business or small businesses that need support during specific periods.

marketing and design manager 1 month

flexible Support

  • Phone call or video call to understand needs/ goals
  • One month plan highlighting areas of foreseeable work
  • Dedicated marketing and design support for your business
  • Pause or end service after 1 month expires
  • Complete our survey (optional)
  • Re-start Flexi Support whenever you like
Total price

Flexible Plus support

Our Flexible Plus support is more suited for small businesses that need intensive marketing and design support over a one month period.

Total Price
marketing and design manager 1 month plus

long-term MDM Packages

Our longer, dedicated MDM support packages are contracted, which ensures small businesses have all their marketing and design needs covered. Remember, our MDM services are tailored to your business marketing and design needs, so our services will differ from client to client.

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